2011             Lexus. Shortfilm.
2011             Floquet de Neu. Visual Effects.

2011             Nescafe Cappuccino - ¡Más que un café!. Tv Comercial.
2011             Dia de la Madre, Once. Tv Comercial.

2011             Dia del Padre, Once. Tv Comercial.

2010             Skoda Imaginarium. Tv Comercial.

2010             Els Extraordinaris. Tv Serie.

2009-2010    No Pets Allowed. Teaser.

2009             DigitalDreamsFilms.Teacher of Animation.

2009             Eristoff. Tv Comercial.

2009             Danonino. Tv Comercial.

2009             FeuVert. Tv Comercial.

2008             La Gota de Fairy. Tv Comercial.

2008             El Ratón Perez 2. Feature Film.

2008            The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Visual Effects.

2007            Open Graves. Visual Effects.

2006            Donkey-Xote. Feature Film.

2005            El Ratón Perez. Feature Film.
Best Animation film in Spanish Goya Awards 2006

2005            King Arthurs Disasters. Tv Serie.

2005            Cosme the Astronaut. Tv Serie.

2004            Lacets. Tv Serie.

2003            Video Games Entertaiment game and developers

2000-2003   Graphic Design School. Teacher at  BARREIRA.


2008-2009   AnimationMentorSchool
Animation Advance in Bodymechanics and Acting.

1998-2003       Bachelor in Fine Arts at  Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Classic Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Traditional Animation.

2003                          Timming in the Animation by Michael Dudok the Wit

2002            The Animation of Tv Commercials by Miguel Vidal

2001                          Camera motion in Animation by Raimund Krumme

2000             Frames in Animation Movements by Miguel Vidal

1999             The Animation Script by Priit Parn


2003             “Salir de Aquí” ShortFilm
Direct and produce a Personal Proyect in 2D Animation.Duration: 4 min.

2002             “Aventuras en Animadrid” ShortFilm
Direct and produce in 2D Animation. Select it at Animadrid Festival. Duration: 1 min.

2002                          “La Universidad se Mueve” ShortFilm-
Direct and produce in 2D Animation. Exhibit it at “Sala de Exposiciones Ateneo Mercantil”. Duration: 30 sec.

2001             “El Corredor” Animation Cycle.
                     Display it at Collective Exhibition “Anatomia Artistica”


3D Softs:           Softimage, Maya, 3D Studio max.
2D Softs:           Photoshop, Flash.


Spanish (native speaker),
English: (Good written comprehension, average writing and speaking_expression).


Personal animated projects, Cinematographic technicals, Script writting and draw cartoons